Meet Our Executive Director

Catherine Cournoyer, Executive Director

Catherine is a Maine native who grew up in a very small mill town where her parents taught her the importance of family, respect and caring for others. 

Catherine graduated from The University of Maine.  She has an extensive background of over 25 years’ experience working in both public and private sectors, social services and, senior living industry where she discovered an innate truth about herself… she utterly adores the elderly-not a little but A LOT!

Catherine is someone who inspires change, who willfully pursues it; encapsulates the value of the positive outlook and devours the opportunities presented with enthusiasm and passion for the seniors living in a community.  Catherine understands the importance of building long lasting and trusting relationships with residents, families and partners.  Her true desire is to enhance a positive “home” experience with the senior population.  She believes in the importance to experience life through a sense of a community.   

Catherine shares her home with her husband Jim, who is a retired firefighter of 31 years,in Concord New Hampshire where they raised 5 wonderful children. 

Meet Our Team

Tammy Hayward, Memory Care Director

Bio Coming Soon!

Allen Chouinard, Director of Maintenance

As you can see, God has endowed me with great hair; unfortunately, he forgot to add the height to reach it. My philosophy in life is to spread love as thick as I can spread Nutella and make the world smile.

I love humans, coffee, passionate MacGyver, tech freak, psyche explorer looking for life’s answers, wanting to make a difference, snow hater, sun lover, 

My hometown is Manchester N.H., although I lived in Quebec Canada for a few years, where I learned to read, write and speak fluently in French.

I would consider myself an entrepreneur.  I owned and operated an ink & toner retail business until the economic bubble bursts in the early 2000’s which left me looking for new meaning. 

My passion for maintenance and repair can be traced back to my early childhood years when my mom walked in on what was her new anniversary stereo system, which I had all laid out in pieces on the living room floor.  Although I had neither the experience or know how back then, (mom was not happy) I was determined to understand how things worked, (that poor stereo never worked the same).  

I have always known that the shovel was a ground breaking invention.  

My path has led to working and managing million dollar projects, simple home repairs, maintaining 300 unit apartment complexes and eventually moving into assisted living and nursing facilities ranging from 76 to 292 beds. 

I have found a true inner calling in working with seniors and providing them the best possible care as well as spending time with each of them and getting to know their stories.

You might find me doing anything from low key maintenance tasks (toilets, YUCK) to very technical projects.  I thrive on the bigger projects and challenges.

My favorite thing is making others smile and making the days go by with ease, so you may see me walking through the halls wearing a red nose or funny hat, telling jokes and just making people laugh.  Even if only for a second, making others smile is a worthy effort.  

On my days off in summer months, you’ll likely find me riding my motorcycle through the back roads of NH and Maine.  Winters, I am hiding under the covers waiting for spring.  I love cooking, cookouts with friends and family and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because the only thing that matters is the connection and food.  

Now if only I could discover the secret to being a caterpillar.  Eat a lot, sleep a lot and wake up beautiful!    

Julie Chick, Resident Care Director

A new addition to the Sunapee Cove team, Julie is a graduate of Medical Professional Institute and a Licensed Practical Nurse of eleven years.

Having served in geriatrics and elderly care her entire career, she has a passion for improving the lives of those around her with an emphasis on patience and dignity.

Born to parents who emphasized family over all else, Julie’s love for helping others extends beyond her inner circle. The health struggles her mother and father faced before their passing only cemented and strengthened her mission to deliver hyper-individualized compassion and attention to her community’s loved ones.

Julie resides in Newbury, NH with her life partner. Together, they counsel Julie’s two adult daughters, while trying to keep pace with a rambunctious six and eight year-old.

Kim Hankins, Business Office Manager

Kim recently joined the Sunapee Cove team as the Business Office Manager.  She has over 40 years of experience in business including all aspects of office management as well as payroll, human resources, and sales.  Prior to joining Sunapee Cove, Kim was with Mt. Sunapee Resort (now owned by Vail Resorts) as the Human Resources/Payroll Manager.  She began her career with the Oliver Wight Companies in an administrative role and moved to sales.  After leaving Oliver Wight, Kim was a Sales Account Manager selling computer hard drives and memory upgrades through the reseller channels at Sigma Data.  Kim lives in Newbury, NH and enjoys spending time with her family and friends and taking advantage of all that is offered in the beautiful Lake Sunapee area.

Fay George, Food Service Director

Fay George, the Food Services Director at Sunapee Cove, moved to Springfield, NH at the age of 6. She lived here, on a small family farm, until she graduated from Kearsarge Regional High School in 1985. From here she moved to Philadelphia, Boston, Western Massachusetts, Seattle and New Orleans, before moving back to the area 5 years ago. 

She started her career in food service as a dishwasher at a local eatery and over the years worked her way up through the ranks as a prep cook, line cook, Chef Instructor and Executive Chef. She has worked in a variety of venues from small local pubs to large resort kitchens. While living in Seattle she worked as a Chef Instructor for a non-profit program designed to give life and job skills to the homeless to aide them in getting off the streets. Fay served as The Executive Chef at Seamus O’Reilly’s Pub and Grille in Holyoke, Ma, at Bistro Nouveau in Grantham, and at The Anchorage In Sunapee Harbor. 

Fay attended The University Of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant and Soil Sciences in 2003. During the three years she attended UMASS Fay worked as a Banquet Chef at The Lord

Peg Van Norden, Activities Coordinator

I was born in Morningside, MD when my father was stationed there at the Naval Base. Upon my Dads retirement after 20 years in the U.S. Navy, my folks moved us back to Vermont, which had been their “Home Base,” originally. I attended first grade through twelfth grade in Weathersfield and Springfield, Vermont, respectively. I graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science

My first job out of college was as a stable manager at a horse farm in Oldwick, NJ. After a year, I was horribly homesick, so when my eldest brothers offered me a job as the retail manager of the newest garden center branch that they were opening-1 happily accepted. Most of my adult life, however, I was self-employed as a Realtor and then as a mortgage lender. After 25 years, I felt a need for a career change. I chose to become a care-giver at an assisted living community. I made the transition from care-giver to activities associate and I have never enjoyed a job more! It is truly a labor of love for me, as I have found my niche in life. 

I have always adored and been drawn to senior citizens. It doesn‘t matter if they are two-legged or four legged- I love them all. I am also passionate about my involvement in animal rescue. I have been a volunteer with New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue for over two decades and more recently, as a volunteer with the Humane Society in Enfield, NH. 

I enjoy following all of the N.E. sports teams; but, I am selfprofessed FANatic when it comes to my beloved Patriots! 

I am number five of six children and my folks still live in Weathersfield, Vermont where I grew up. Our family is very tightknit and I enjoy our family gatherings. Otherwise, I live a quiet and peaceful life with my two fur-babies that I rescued and adopted nine years ago. It is my dream to become a published author, when I grow up someday. In the meantime, I practice my craft by reading and writing, whenever possible.