Meet Our Staff

Anthony Venti, Executive Director

Anthony Venti has served the residents of Sunapee Cove with great distinction since we opened our doors. Better know as Tony, he came to Sunapee Cove with over 35 years of communications, marketing and media experience at the very highest levels of the industry.

To that end, Tony’s use of his wealth of finely honed communications experience and marketing skills have helped make Sunapee Cove the premier Assisted Living community in the Lake Sunapee region.

His familiarity with the families and the lifestyles of the people from our region have given him a valuable perspective on coordinating and delivering the quality services we are so well known for and our residents have come to expect.

Highlights of Tony’s sterling career include his position as a former Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in Washington, DC; News and Operations Director for various ABC and CBS television affiliates: and terms as Director of Communications and Marketing with Norwich University, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Alice Peck Day Hospital.

Tony is a longtime resident of Sunapee where he lives with his wife, Carla, and his 150 lb Newfoundland dog, Atticus.

When you meet Tony, ask him what it was like working for a President of the United States. You’ll delight in some of the inside secrets of life within the beltway

Carol Meyers, Assistant Director/Enrichment

A varied background and wealth of life experience has inexorably led Carol to the shining shores and residents of Sunapee Cove.

Carol currently serves as the Executive Assistant Director at Sunapee Cove, overseeing facility operations, marketing, enrichment and admissions activities. She is drawn to the wisdom and spirit of its residents, and revels in participating in their care and their lives. Her life is far more enriched from her relationships with them.

Carol previously served as Executive Director of Winnwood Retirement Community in Marietta, Georgia, providing similar leadership to a facility with over 250 living units and 120 staff. Prior to Winnwood, Carol founded and operated her own floral design wholesale business in Marietta, Georgia, where she raised her three daughters.

As a student, Carol was involved in agricultural studies of Floriculture and Horticulture and those interests have always been a significant part of her life. She loved to nurture the growth of emerging specimens, and relished in the care of mature plants and landscapes. Carol has carried this affinity to her business and senior living endeavors.

Carol also spent years as a teenager and young adult skiing, hiking and camping in New Hampshire, introducing her daughters to the beauty and tranquility of the region. It was inevitable her journey would wind its way back to the shores of Sunapee Cove.

Carol loves her career and, more importantly, the engaging residents and staff of Sunapee Cove. She enjoys her eldest daughter and two grandchildren who live nearby. When the opportunity arises or when it turns especially cold, she follows her bread crumbs back to Georgia to visit her younger girls and to thaw a little.